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NBC's The Sing-Off is back - and after leaving the competition, members of Soul'd Out and Messiah's Men spoke with me about what happened - and what's next!

The Sing-Off

Hailing from Wilsonville High School in Wilsonville, OR, Soul'd Out is comprised of high school students of varying grade levels and musical backgrounds. Here's what group member Ethan Bryant had to say.

What motivated your group members to say that appearing on the show was something you wanted to do?

Coming fresh off our 2nd place finish at the International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA) finals, a lot of us were initially ready to take a break from competition, but after we discussed it over a few rehearsals, we all realized that the only place to go was up - both in our musicality and our aspirations.  

Did your experience on the show live up to your expectations?

Definitely. We had heard a bit about what it would be like from [previous contestant] Courtney Jensen, so we were fully prepared for the long rehearsals and for taking the necessary time to polish up our songs and choreo to tip top shape.

What did you take away from the experience of The Sing-Off personally? What are you going to walk away with?

The greatest thing about our experience on The Sing-Off was meeting so many skilled groups and individuals. Personally, as one of the arrangers and rehearsal leaders for Soul'd Out, I enjoyed most of all the opportunity to work with the show's team of arrangers ("The Dream Team"), headed by Deke Sharon.

In retrospect, is there anything about your group's final performance that you would have changed?

I think we left our hearts out there. Sure, Ben [Folds] and Sara [Bareilles] were correct about a few musical things we could've done better, but in the end I think we achieved our goal with "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" - we really showed our power, our energy, and our youth.

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