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Get those ears of yours in tune, America, because another televised singing competition is about to start but this time its all a cappella. That’s right, The Sing-Off is back for a third season of vocal powerhouses and I got the chance to visit the set for a taping of one of their new episodes and have a brief chat with host Nick Lachey and judge Ben Folds.

Nestled into Stage 15 on the Sony Pictures lot in Los Angeles, the set of The Sing-Off is an absolute joy to walk onto with vocal groups warming up all around you to make their wildly versatile voices primed to impress the judges and advance to the next round of competition. And this year, there are a whole lot more of those voices to go around with the series more than doubling its number of episodes from its first two years on the air.

“We’re bigger and we’re better!” boasted host Nick Lachey. “We’re up to 11 episodes from 5 last year so we’re like the little show that could and we’re able to showcase even more unbelievable talent, which I think is great.”

With so many music competition shows on the air right now I asked Lachey and Ben Folds, who acts as one of the show’s three judges, how they distinguish themselves to stand out from the crowd. “Well that’s pretty easy,” said Folds, “our show is rooted in a cappella competition and that engine is what makes us extremely different.”

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