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"The Sing-Off" season two begins Monday, December 6 on NBC. Ten amazing groups will compete for a Sony recording contract and cash prizes. We'll be featuring profiles of each group leading up to the debut, and during the show's run, we'll have a review of each episode. Have an opinion on any of the groups, or the show? Comment on any article or our forum

Presently hailing from Alabama's Oakwood University, the esteemed birthplace of a cappella greats Take6, the sextet Committed is poised to bring their close-harmony Christian and jazz-infused stylings to "The Sing-Off"! Committed was originally founded by four high school sophomores in 2003 at Forest Lake Academy in Orlando, Florida, and over the intervening years has, like many professional and amateur groups, endured some growing pains due to changes in their roster.

Despite these disruptions, Committed, true to their name, forged ahead, strengthened their resolve to bring soulful music to the masses, and steadily improved their craft commensurately with the attraction of increasingly better talent. Their stronger line-up enabled them to hone their sound and style to what it has become today: a melange of old world doo-wop, soul/gospel and jazz, presented apropos with classically conservative attire.

Their transition from the cloistered confines of church performances in New Jersey and Washington D.C., to the raucus corpulency of a live prime time television extravaganza, will be intriguing to behold. It's rare to find understated, yet powerfully captivating and precisely tuned performances on reality television. Committed, however, should provide a measured counterpoint to the more prosaic, brazen or ostreperous acts that are wont to inhabit this realm. The variety of approaches, sounds and styles among all of the featured groups will enable us to appreciate the uniqueness of each, and will, no doubt, provide all the more excitement to watch!


"The Sing-Off" Season 2 Group Profiles: http://www.casa.org/content/sing-season-2-group-profiles

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