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This week's episode of the Sing Off has taught us that, if we were sad to see groups leave before, every remaining episode is bound to be a sobfest. Last night, the six remaining groups busted their chops over a rock song and a country song, and the drama mounted throughout: no one could seem to restrain themselves from a whine or two as they previewed their performances. Nevertheless, the night kicked off with an overly polished, very Lion-King-on-Broadway performance of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up."

And now for the shakedown. Totally safe this week: Urban Method and Pentatonix. The former completely adapted White Snake's "Here I Go Again" to their "rap-appella" aesthetic, even substituting melody for Mykal Hudson's signature rap – which, Folds noted, "took a big chance" – but nevertheless wowed all three judges with the blend of old and new (new being "Wait, where the hell did this insane voice of soloist Katie Turley come from?"). Urban Method's country song, Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats," took the WTF to the next level, as the gritty Denver group suddenly transformed into a magical, coed clone of Delilah – the three women of the group "shed their insecurities," Bareilles said, to showcase their newfound, wildly judge-popular versatility.

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