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Please join us in congratulating the groups that have been chosen for the 9th installment of the sing compilation. We had a record number of applicants and we are incredibly excited about the results!


sing 9 Team

Executive Producer: Julia Hoffman, Psy.D.
Producers: Jon Pilat, TeKay, Matt Emery, Tom Anderson, Steve Ryan
Design donated by: Benjy Rose
Mastering donated by: Vocal Mastering

sing 9: Supernovem

1. Speed of Sound - MO5AIC
2. Volare - Cluster
3. Dreamers - Logarhythms (MIT) from BAM
4. It Started in the Winter - The Duke's Men (Yale) from Busted.
5. Sommersang - Basix from Hjemmebane
6. Hallelujah, I Love Her So - Groove For Thought from Inspired
7. Let Us Be Loving - Vocal Rush (Oakland School for the Arts) from The Beginning
8. Who Am I Living For - Peter Yang
9. We Found Love - Voices in Your Head (University of Chicago)
10. Sweeter - Blueprint from At Last
11. Turn Up the Music - Peter Hollens ft. Scott Hoying [link]
12. Frozen in Time - Street Corner Symphony from Southern Autumn Nostalgia
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Maybebop from German Verboten
14. Hate on Me - Loreleis (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) from A Kick & A Wallop
15. Across the Milky Way - Voco Novo from The First Journal
16. Celebrate Remix - Forte (Centerville High School) from Life's So Lyrical
17. Sommer - MuSix from Fhainkost
18. You Make Me Wanna - Clear Harmonies Productions and Emerald City Productions / BOSS 2012 Collaborative Recording
19. Around Us - Sil'hooettes (University of Virginia) from Playing With Lightning
20. Hengilas - Overboard
21. Earthquake - The Techtonics (Imperial College) from Groundbreaker