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CARLSBAD — A select group of Carlsbad students from Pacific Ridge School received an invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Their A Cappella Ensemble flew to New York for its March 18 National Youth Choir Festival debut and stayed in the city for an extended weekend. 

The Pacific Ridge School a cappella group, formed three years ago, has garnered the attention of the Heritage Music Festival for two straight years, earning them a gold award, and allowing them the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall.

“The group must achieve a gold rating at the Heritage Festival for at least two consecutive years to qualify,” said Steven Dziekonski, music teacher and arts coordinator at Pacific Ridge School. “Invitations are then extended at the discretion of the Heritage Festival adjudicators; not all gold award groups are invited to attend.”

The students first performed at the Heritage Music Festivals in Anaheim, and the following year, in San Francisco. Generally, students perform three a cappella selections which can take approximately 20 minutes.

Students were judged on an assortment of measures such as tone, blend, intonation, diction, musical choice, and more. The judging is rigorous and attaining a gold win is challenging.

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