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If you’ve stumbled upon this website, there’s a good chance you have an interest in singing.  Can you remember the last time you sang on a stage?  Maybe it was in high school choir or with the beloved a cappella group you performed with in college.  Maybe even a short stint in a band or a community theater group.  And then what happened?  Yes, yes, I know.  The whirlwind of jumping out into the real world with jobs, second jobs, apartments, houses, cars, weddings, kids, commutes, graduate classes….well, life.  It snuck up and stole all of the free time you used to have to dabble in “hobbies”.  It happens to all of us.

Still, busy as you might get, it doesn’t keep you from reminiscing about how much you miss having music in your life.  I’m here telling you that there is always a way to get it back into your life.  And no, locking yourself in your apartment under your Snuggie watching episodes of The Sing Off and Glee on repeat does not count.  For the sake of your creative soul, get out there and SING in 2011! 

So how do you get from yearning to sing to actually singing?  Join CAL!

The Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL), started in 2006, is a network of post-collegiate groups that cater to working adults.  Groups are audition only and keep their numbers manageable.  For most groups this means surrounding yourself with talented people on evenings and/or weekends for rehearsals and shows.  Groups are already established across the US and many are holding auditions in the early part of 2011. Check out the CAL Group Directory to see who is looking for new members now.  If your local group isn’t holding auditions, contact them and ask them when they might schedule one. 

If there’s not a group that’s the right fit for you, start your own.  Here at CASA we have the tools, resources and expertise to help you get up and running.  We’ll connect you with other likeminded individuals, give you tips on everything from holding auditions, getting through the paperwork and picking a repertoire to getting gigs, keeping rehearsal interesting and producing an award-winning album.  We’re always looking for new directors to bring into our wonderfully supportive community.  Now is as good a time as any.

Still need a little more convincing?  Join us at festivals – LA-AF in January, VoCAL Nation in March and SoJam in November.  You’re bound to meet new friends, sharpen your skills and renew your inspiration. Keep reading the blogs and articles here at casa.org and learn about all of the fascinating things that are going on in our community.  Join the conversation on our Forum.  You’ll make new virtual friends and then get to meet them at one of the festivals.  Listen to a cappella podcasts (I’m partial to Mouth Off).  Join your local music board and attend performances of your local groups.  Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to catch a touring professional group on their way through town.  I promise - once you get going and join in on the fun we’re already having it will be hard to remember why you put if off so long in the first place. 

Have I swayed you yet?  Still not sure if you can take the plunge?  Either way, send me an email at amanda@casa.org and we’ll get started.


Amanda Aldag is the Director of the Contemporary A Cappella League for CASA. She manages and performs with Euphonism, a co-ed CAL group based in Washington, DC and Snowday, a professional quintet that provides educational programs for schools and communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  Amanda also holds down a regular desk job, cares for her husband and 1 year old son and is generally juggling 6 or 7 other a cappella-related activities at the same time. She promises that she is not superwoman…she just really likes to sing.