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02/24/2012 16:17
America/Los Angeles

2nd and 4th Friday nights 7-9pm at the Red Vic in San Francisco

This is an structured Jam where everyone is welcome to watch or sing.  It is sort of like circle singing Bobbie McFerrin style with some Rhiannon theatrical/vocal improv thrown in.  Usually everyone helps compose each jam; the structure makes it sound great with mixed levels of experience in vocal improv. We convert tourists from all over the world into singer/composers in 30 min flat. If you have skills, we create a base to improvise on that can show them off. Experienced folks take turns leading and directing the jam.  Tourists and newbies can pick or invent simple easy parts to make up that fit well in the base. Jams are structured to build give and take skills at all levels.

Red Vic Bed and breakfast
1665 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

$5 suggested donation.