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Event educational offerings are a key component of all CASA festivals and events. The event education program offers unique and varied curriculum for a cappella performers, fans, educators and other professionals.

This manager is responsible for overseeing all festival curriculum planning, instructor and master clinician selection, vetting, and review, and working with national and local teams to ensure the highest quality and most appropriate educational offerings for all CASA events. This position is eligible for a small stipend.

This position reports to: Director of Events and Director of Education

Recurring and Regular Tasks
Daily Tasks
• Check and respond to CASA email.
• Check and respond to all event education related email and calls

Weekly Tasks
• Connect with team education assistants to ensure they are meeting education goals
• Participate in all festival conference calls
• Ensure appropriate communications related to education among new, veteran and potential instructors, education teams, local production teams, and the CASA Event Core Team.

Monthly/Per Event Tasks
• Submit Monthly check in to Board of Directors by 1st week of the month via email
• Set macro and micro goals for event education and the education team at a program and per event level.
• Create and send out call for instructors for each event
• Review instructor applications
• Event curriculum planning and class scheduling
• Onsite monitoring of education activities
• Post-event debrief, review, and improvement planning/execution

Required Experience
The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:
• Education background with curriculum design experience
• 1 year or more of supervisory experience
• Experience with/understanding of contemporary a cappella
• Ability to work remotely, often via email and phone, as a member of a team
• Ability to devote a minimum of 5 hours per week to the position
• Ability to answer emails daily
• Ability to participate in several weekly and monthly conference calls.

Additional preferred qualifications:
• Familiarity or experience working with a non-profit organization
• Demonstrated experience working on a virtual team for long-term projects

Please submit letter of intent and resume, including description of relevant qualifications and experience to Amanda Cornaglia, CASA Director of Events (amanda@casa.org). Deadline to apply is Friday, May 10, 2013.

About CASA
CASA was formed in 1992 to create a community between singers and fans of contemporary a cappella. There are thousands of contemporary a cappella groups and countless a cappella fans around the US and world, ranging from high school and college ensembles to professionals and recreational groups and CASA is their organization CASA operates a number of annual educational and performance events throughout the calendar year and across the country. CASA is a clearinghouse of information providing a directory, concert listings, news, album and concert reviews, blogs, podcasts, interviews, videos, MP3 downloads, local contacts, and photos.