Home 'Pitch Perfect' Soundtrack Producers Break Down The A Cappella Comedy's Songs

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"Pitch Perfect" is the nation's number one a cappella comedy for at least two reasons (besides the fact that it's the only a capella comedy): It's blisteringly funny -- screenwriter Kay Cannon made sure of that -- and it's loaded with rearranged pop songs that will keep fans singing long after they leave the theater. Director Jason Moore picked most of the songs for the film, but the soundtrack production was left to Harvey Mason Jr. and Damon Thomas, a duo better known as The Underdogs. "They have a track record in terms of producing some of the world’s best pop vocalists, as well as musicals such as 'Dreamgirls,'" producer Julianne Jordan said in a statement. "We wanted that purity of unadulterated voices and harmonies to come through."

With "Pitch Perfect" out in theaters, Mason and Thomas provided HuffPost Entertainment with a track-by-track breakdown of the film's soundtrack.

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