HomePitch Perfect Proves That All The Plastics Needed To Reconcile Was An A Capella Group

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This is the first I’ve heard of Pitch Perfect, which looks to be “Mean Girls meets Glee” but has thankfully drawn more from Tina Fey‘s classic than the latter. Anna Kendrick is in the Lindsay Lohan role as a college freshman, but her character Beca doesn’t care that she doesn’t fit into any of the cliques at her new school. (You know she’s hardcore because her name has only one “c.”) However, she soon gets roped into the all-girl a capella group, by its pushy queen bee Brittany Snow.

What’s funny is that Brittany herself was sort of playing Cady Heron in 2006′s John Tucker Must Die, but now she’s in full-on Regina George mode. However, Pitch Perfect distances itself from Mean Girls right in the premise: These girls, who would never hang out in the quad together, bond because of how good they sound when they sing together. Of course, their realization that they have to switch from ’90s hits like “I Saw the Sign” to super-hip mash-ups smacks a bit of a movie circa 2007. Then again, Anna and Brittany have really lovely voices. And considering that Anna’s love interest is Shoshanna’s douchey camp crush from Girls, you get some schadenfreude out of watching the girls “pitchslap” the boys with their rendition of “I Like the Way You Work It (No Diggity).”

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