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From the hum of excitement in the packed theater, you’d think I was at one of the  first screenings of The Hunger Games or The Avengers, not the college a cappella flick Pitch Perfect. Universal’s gambit to move up the film’s release date with a week-long limited run was a smart one. The ”very engaged core audience avidly anticipating [the film's] release” put its money where its mouth was last night. As a liberal arts grad and (casts down eyes) former a cappella groupie, I had to face facts: I am that core audience. (WARNING: Mild spoilers follow.)

Now, it’s been a long time since I listened to doop-dooping, four-part harmonized renditions of “Take On Me” with wide-eyed, unironic pleasure. So when I first saw Pitch Perfect‘s trailer, I was beyond skeptical: Why are a bunch of recognizable late 20-somethings playing college kids? How did they get an Oscar nominee to anchor a Glee rip-off? Why does this movie exist — at all? The second time I saw the trailer, I was already wearing down. And then, there I was last night — buzzing (okay, squealing) alongside the other opening night attendees. At least I managed to grab an actual seat unlike the poor schlubs lining the walls in the back.

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