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For me, The Sing-Off was the television singing competition. American Idol asked me to believe that these contestants would be, well, American idols, which they weren't, and while I love that moment of personal triumph in The Voice where someone sings well enough to make four stars turn around to hear more, there's no evidence that these voices' fame will significantly outlast the season. For the three seasons it was on the air, The Sing-Off didn't imply that the competing a cappella groups had great pop futures ahead of them. It simply presented them as good entertainment. The show was helped by the best crop of judges: Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman was Randy Jackson-like in his wheel-of-catchphrases critiques, but Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds were far more precise and thoughtful in their comments, particularly Folds, who brought a producer's ear and an intelligent, witty kindness to the task.

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