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Nothing resonates more deeply than the truth, and when channeled through the voices of three young acappella singers - Ntsika Fana Ngxanga, Luphindo Ngxanga, and Buhlebendalo Mda – who collectively call themselves The Soil – it is evident that there is no musical instrument more powerful than the human voice.

Signed to Native Rhythms Productions, The Soil are no newcomers to the industry having spent the last 7 years perfecting their art, and dreaming of finally being able to count down the days to their debut album release - which happened on the 6th June 2011 through a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment.

The Soil are excited about showcasing their music and have expressed sentiments of gratitude “It has been a long hard road and we especially want to thank all the beautiful souls that we’ve met throughout the last seven years that have helped us get closer to our dream, we thank you and hope to meet you in person at the exclusive launch event!".

Sipho Sithole echoes his support saying “whilst this industry is abundant with talent, The Soil is a cut above the rest; this group has turned acappella into the coolest genre. My first encounter with The Soil left me with no doubt in my mind that this was one group worth signing. My hope is that one day The Soil will enter the country's hall of fame – should that ever become a reality."

It was after being invited on Late Night Live with Kgomotso that The Soil started to generate more interest from media outside their regular campus and theatre performances leaving a trail of inspired fans waiting for the next experience to be transformed. It is quite an infectious feeling once you meet The Soil through their music, and you experience the impact of their performance, so much so that you will immediately connect with their mission to deliver songs that propel listeners into what can be described as a movement which stands for joy, hope, peace, and love.

And now it is time for the rest of the world to be introduced to their unique sound – to experience that inexplicable feeling, the kind that rubs off on the next person, and the next, and so on...  but don’t take our word for it take a look and a listen for yourself. The Soil has just uploaded a studio performance of the first single ‘Joy’ for you to discover what makes them so unique…

The Soil believe they can reach listeners as far and wide as the very soil that covers the land on earth and beneath the sea. The first single ‘Joy (We are Family)’ encapsulates The Soil’s brand values clearly. They perceive everyone out there as an extension of their family and an opportunity to rub off a little of their joy on to every individual to strengthen a national movement toward togetherness, sharing and peace.

First single ‘Joy (We Are Family)’ is now available for download here…


Short Biography

The Group:  Meet The Soil: a 3-member acappella singing group whose music can best be described as ‘Kasi Soul’. The Soil strives to fuse their voices to deliver melodic and harmonious messages that are aimed at uplifting and healing souls all around the world.

The first member of the group exists in a spiritual form as The Creator of all. The other three members of the group take a physical form: Buhlebendalo Mda, Luphindo Ngxanga, and Ntsika Fana Ngxanga, who are occasionally also supported by two backing vocalists, Asanda and Tshwarelo.

The Soil claims they are simply channels of the songs that they believe come to them from a sacred place where they just serve as mediums that help carry the message through.

The Album & The Music:  This self-titled album by The Soil is surely going to take you back to the time when the Creator sculpted the skies and the land,covering it with...the soil.  The group’s music bears testimony to the fact that God created man using the very soil and thousands of years later He gave a voice to The Soil.  It is through this belief that The Soil invites you to listen with your ear on the ground as you might hear the sound.

Defined as Kasi Soul, the group’s music features (in a contemporary township style), an eclectic mix of musical genres such as jazz, hip hop, Afro-pop and Afro-soul).  The group’s musical style is evident in its rhythmic vocal bass line, with constant beat boxing - a distinct feature in the music - whilst the remaining voices contribute to the chordal and polyphonic accompaniment.  Equal and up to the challenge, each of the group members take turns in solo vocal performance to display their most beautiful rendition of the melodic versesembedded in each song.

The album is a reflection of the group’s aspiration for a world full of joy, hope, faith, goodwill andlove - a message carried out with each performance and each song.

The Journey: This album is a culmination of years of dedication, hard work and a passion for the art.  Having paid their dues as a performing group in and around the country, The Soil is as comfortable at big music festivals and concerts as it is on theater stages.  In the past 7 years The Soil has graced stages of the most renowned events such as the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, Grahamstown Arts Festival, Jazz by the River, as well as theater stages such as the Nelson Mandela Theater as well as the Catalyst Theatre in Cape Town.

It is through this journey that The Soil strives to be a household name and a global brand imprinted in the hearts and minds of those who aspire for a better world.

The Members:

Buhlebendalo Mda aka Buhle / Soil Sista: This Soweto-born and only female member of the group has always loved music and the attention that comes with it.  For Buhle, The Soil completes her life puzzle: it’s her second home.  Her life long dream has always been to work with the likes of the Late and Great Gogo Mirriam Makeba, Mama Busi Mhlongo. Thandiswa Mazwai, Simphiwe Dana, Ringo Madlingozi, Gloria Bosman, and Hlengiwe Mhlaba, just to name a few. Buhle describe herself or her music as soulful or “Jazzy fizzle”, which is considered to be a mixture of all sorts of genres from which she has created her own soulful or “Jazzy fizzle”.  To Buhle all genres do it for her, as they tend to match her every mood.

Ntsika Fana Ngxanga aka Da FanArtistc:  Also dreamt of being on stage as early as primary schooling years and used school desks as drums and turned every song into dance music, and transforming theclassical jazz songs that he grew up being exposed to into his own musical world. Ntsika got introduced to clap and tap music, “apostolic gospelmusic”, and learnt to sing from the heart, add emotion to the very voice one was blessed with, and how to connect with music in its totality and the art of backing. The defining moment for Ntsika was when he started dreaming and receiving songs in his sleep which he coins “something very heavenly and humbling”, which he embraced as a Gift and God’s medium through which he was to pass messages of love, hope, courage, faith, joy, peace and happiness amongst many.

Luphindo Ngxanga aka Master P: considers himself the friendliest and warmest member of the group.  Contrary to his masculine beatbox prowess with which he meticulously kicks the bass drum and snare, accompanied by his harmonic basslines, Luphindo is a humanitarian in the group and loves to see the members happy all the time. Luphindo uses his fine arts academic training to think differently and seeing things in perspective which he then applies in the construction of ideas in the songs The Soil finally puts together.

This is their story!