HomeOctaves set to release new album, including cover of ‘Too Close’

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The Octāves released a promotional single, “Too Close,” on Feb. 14 for its new album “Ricochet,” which will mark the singers’ exciting return into the recording world of a cappella, said junior Jared Feinman, The Octāves’ music director.

“We are making something bigger than just our voices,” Feinman said. “Not everything on the album sounds exactly like what we do live.”

The album is composed of 12 songs, some of which the group has never performed live, he said. The Octāves tried to pick a wide variety of songs, but still form a set that would be cohesive, he said.

The genres on the album include hip-hop, pop, country and rock, all carrying the album title’s message, Feinman said. The Octāves members had discussions before every recording session to make sure the singers applied the song’s meaning to convey a comprehensive and passionate message, he said.

Sophomore Chase Brightwell, the soloist in “Too Close,” said it was an exciting experience to be featured because he had never heard his voice on a recording before.

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