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Glee aired its final episode of the season this week, leaving many fans desperately waiting for new a cappella-laden episodes. Luckily for them, Occupella is right around the corner.

This year, Occupella, the annual LocalTones A Cappella Showcase at UC Davis, will be hosted at Freeborn Hall tonight with doors opening at 7 p.m. This year’s showcase will feature four collegiate a cappella groups: The Spokes, The Afterglow, The Lounge Lizards and The Liquid Hotplates.

In addition, members of Birdstrike Comedy and Improv Theatre will be the hosts of the event.

“This is our first time hosting this show and boy, are we excited,” said Omri Kruvi, a sophomore landscape architecture major who will be one of the three hosts for the event.

“Students should come for the sultry singing. I have seen all of these groups perform and they are sexy good,” Kruvi said. “Members of the audience will be leaving with fulfillment of outstanding entertainment by their own peers.”

Kruvi also mentioned that Birdstrike will be integrating some short skits during the show.

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