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What do a wood shop owner, a Medicare biller and a project manager have in common? They all love to sing.

Every Tuesday the group of 24 people from various backgrounds gathers at Don Matlock's home in the Bitterroot. They're part of the Montana A Cappella Society.“We've always rehearsed right here in this living room,” Matlock said.The society's been around for eight years. Some of the members have been there since it was founded, others are new, but they all work together to perform.Members say the group is like a family.“We all have a lot of connect points with everybody in this group,” said six-year member Dusty Williams.“You can't sing together and not really like each other,” said four-year member Debra Kehoe.Now, they're preparing for the ultimate family vacation, as the society's been invited to the prestigious International Choral Festival in Cork, Ireland.

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