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By Mike Weatherford

Their vocals are tight. So are their pants.

Those who watched “The Sing Off,” or “Glee” even, shouldn’t be surprised at the built-in swoon moment in Mo5aic’s show, when Roopak Ahuja sings “Sexual Healing” to a female audience recruit parked on a stool.

If you weren’t paying attention, it may still come as a surprise that a cappella singing has moved from nerd club to the gym. If you start towel-snapping the five pumped-up singers of Mo5aic, you better be ready for a swirlie in return.

I wouldn’t say the Las Vegas vocal quintet has completely erased all traces to its beginnings in Florida theme parks. But no one snickers when the lads harmonize on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” maybe because they quote a little “Jungle Boogie” in the middle of it.

The group was early to the a cappella revival. They won “MTV’s Top Pop Group” in 2008, while they were honing their stagecraft as part of their three years in comedian George Wallace’s show at the Flamingo.

Now they’re going at it on their own at the LVH’s Shimmer Cabaret. It could be a great break-in venue for them to cross that elusive space between the cruise ships and dry land.

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