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Fourth-year music education student Bobby Arcovio has been passionate about a cappella music for several years. When he couldn't find an outlet for the art form at USC, he created his own.

Arcovio founded Cockappella, USC's only mixed-voice a cappella group, in Spring 2009 when he discovered there wasn't one on campus.

"I fell in love with a cappella music in high school and decided that I wanted to be in a group when I got to college," Arcovio said. "But when I got here, they had an all-male and an all-female group, but no mixed group, which was what I was looking for. So during my freshman year, I got some friends [together] and started the group that came to be known as Cockappella."

The group will present its spring concert Sunday at 6:30 p.m. in the Gambrell Hall Auditorium. Arcovio said the performance will include original twists on songs from a variety of genres.

"Our concert will feature our very own arrangements of songs by Ben Folds, Young the Giant, Gloriana, the Beatles and other popular artists," Arcovio said. "We like to cover a wide range of genres from country to Disney and everything in between."

Cockappella is also recording its first album this year. Arcovio said the group was contacted by a Charlotte-based recording company.

"They had seen our YouTube videos and wanted to help us record a CD," he said.

The group began recording in March and plans to release the record during the fall semester.

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