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We are Miscellania, an all female a cappella group at Bowdoin College.  Our style of music varies from traditional to modern/pop.  Our signiature song, Song for Earth's Children, was written by an original member of Miscellania in the 1980s, when women were first allowed to attend Bowdoin College.

A small school of 1700 students may make it seem that choices are limited for a cappella at Bowdoin.  However, with 6 different groups on campus, Bowdoin boasts one of the greatest places for a cappella performances in the area.  The Bowdoin Chapel is the place to be on many Friday and Saturday nights, with a cappella invitationals, individual group concerts, concerts involving all of the a cappella groups, and rehearsals open to the public. The Bowdoin Longfellows competed in the popular show The Sing Off, and placed in the top 30 groups.  Needless to say, Bowdoin has a huge amount of talented singers involved in a cappella.

Miscellania, the oldest all-female group on campus, started in the 1980s as SOON as women were admitted into Bowdoin.  We wasted no time in jumping into the music scene!  Miscellania is a very tight knit group.  We value great singing ability, ableness to work, devotion to the group as a whole, and our little black dresses, of course!  Our LBDs are a staple for every concert we perform (besides lower key venues, in which jeans and black tops are appropriate). 

For more information, bios on the members, and up to date event information, please visit our various websites:





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