HomeMinnesota-based Messiah's Men say 'The Sing-Off' is 'dream come true'

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Just 15 years ago, several members of the group Messiah's Men were still in refugee camps in West Africa. Today, the Minnesota-based group has released three albums, performed at a variety of venues and appears tonight on NBC's singing competition, "The Sing-Off."

"If anyone would have told us we would have been on 'The Sing-Off' and be on national television - even if someone would have told us that just coming and living in the United States was going to happen - a lot of us wouldn't have believed it," said group member David Wilson, who lives in Shoreview. "This is an incredible dream come true."

The African Christian male group was formed in the summer of 2003 and all nine members are from Liberia. Four of the members live in Minnesota with the rest in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Colorado. Several of the members knew each other from refugee camps prior to the group's formation, and four of them are biological brothers.

Wilson came to the United States in the summer of 1999 and went to New York, which, he says, was overwhelming. He moved to Iowa with a friend, but that was too quiet. That's when he and his wife moved to the Twin Cities.

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