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The EMU amphitheater is suspiciously crowded for a late Friday afternoon. The clock strikes a quarter to four, and an enthusiastic vocal crew of students commences in song. As the group gradually raises the tune, they burst into full-blown song and choreographed movement. They’ve captured the attention of the Fishbowl. For some, the performance comes as no surprise, just a weekly routine. For others, it’s a delightful surprise for the eyes and ears of a casual passerby.

The passionate performers are Mind the Gap, the university’s 14-member co-ed a cappella group. While it’s not often that you hear of co-ed a cappella groups, Mind the Gap doesn’t let that distinction be its only defining characteristic.

“Mind the Gap has so much energy and identity. We are all so involved and so passionate,” said Ella Greene, a music education major. “We all feel that we have a chance to shape the group and its future. We prove that there is a place for everyone, you don’t have to fit into a certain mold.” 

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