HomeMICappella ventures forth with debut album “Here We Go”

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SINGAPORE: A cappella groups are not all that uncommon in Singapore, but local a cappella group MICappella is probably the only one that focuses on giving Mandopop songs the a cappella treatment.

For MICappella founder Peter Huang, going into Mandarin music was the logical thing to do.

“With a larger Mandarin Pop industry than English locally, it made more sense to us that we did Chinese pop instead of English, which seems to have been the predominant language for Singaporean a cappella for decades,” said Huang.

While there are advantages to being a Mandopop a cappella group, Huang expressed that there is a downside as well.

“Chinese audiences will have to get introduced to and accept a cappella as a legitimate option to do pop music, instead of it simply being an occasional track in every other album,” said Huang.

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