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Dear friends and lovers of BOSS,

Over the past year I have been given an incredible opportunity to grow within the CASA community through the creation of Boston Sings. When I was asked to take on the task of executive producing this new festival I cried, both with joy and fear. Ask me again today and I’d do it all over… again, and again, and again, and again. This festival was my responsibility and I took that to heart. The first step in that was to create a team to support this event, and to help create, shape, and mold it as it would grow.

I have to say I think that our team did a pretty darn good job for their inaugural year. Not to say that it wasn’t without its kinks, but I know I had fun, and I sincerely hope you all did too… of course in addition to learning, networking, and doing it all with style. I also know that in the coming weeks you will find out what we have planned for BOSS 2013, and I know that you will be just as excited as this awesome team is.

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