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Vaclav Brazda

When did you first become involved in a cappella? In what capacity?

Wow, I almost don't remember. But most probably in high school with school choir.

When did you first become involved with CASA?

I think it was in 1994 or 1995 (?)

What area do you cover as a CASA ambassador?

I try to manage contact to Czech a cappella groups and I have an a cappella show in radio Proglas. www.proglas.cz

What role do you play as a CASA ambassador and/or what role would you like to play?

As above - contact person for a cappella groups and fans in Czech. Would be nice to start acappella festival in Czech...

Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn

Well, I am a scientist and work in research. So a cappella music is just my hobby. I like to play squash and game of go (ancient strategic game).

Favorite a cappella group?

Except my own group DNA - Dej Nam Akord, Cadence (Toronto)

Favorite type of music?

All kind, especially acappella :-), jazz, but I don't like very loud music!

Favorite a cappella concert?

In November I was on the concert of Close Harmony Friend and Cadence in Bratislava (Slovakia) - it was an excellent show!

Anything you'd like the CASA readership to know about your area?

Czech country in very nice, with a long tradition of choral music and we have an old proverb: "Co čech - to musikant" - "Every Czech is a musician".