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Sonia Kilian

When did you first become involved in a cappella? In what capacity?

My very first touch with a cappella beyond being just a fan in the audience was some time in 2005 when I decided to try to write my very first arrangement for Close Harmony Friends from Slovakia. It was my first step on a long but beautiful way, which has been disclosed for me since then.

When did you first become involved with CASA?

I became first involved with CASA in June 2011, when I decided to apply for an ambassador position.

What geographic region do you cover as a CASA ambassador?

I cover Slovakia, a country in central Europe with about 5 million inhabitants.

What role do you play as a CASA ambassador and/or what role would you like to play?

I believe my role will take a clear shape in the run of time. I am open to everything what might like to come along.

What do you do for work and play?

I work as a mathematician at a university, which means that I do some mathematical research and teach. As a child I played violin for a few years, but I have always dreamt of playing piano, which I learned only a bit alone at home. I also sang in some classical choirs. In the meanwhile, I changed my dream/wish from becoming a great jazzy piano player to learning composing some nice songs.

Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn

Usually, when I speak to musicians who don’t know me, they think I’m a musician too. Telling them I’m a mathematician is a big portion of surprise (and spookiness!) for them.

Favorite a cappella group?

I cannot say that I have only one favorite a cappella group. So many groups have so many cool songs and are so great. But if I should generalize, then in overall I am always happy to hear Basix from Denmark, Cadence from Canada, Jukebox Trio from Russia, or also The Idea of North from Australia and others. For example, I have a special passion for “Fliptop Twister” or “Zombie Jamboree” by Rockapella from the USA or “Wie kann es sein” by the Wise Guys from Germany, etc.

Favorite type of music?

Again, it’s hard to restrict my answer to one type only. I like a lot of music. The genre can range from classics through pop or jazz to, of course, contemporary a cappella of any style. There are so many nice songs in the world… In general, I can say that my most favorite songs are usually those very sad ones and very happy and cheerful ones.

Favorite a cappella concert?

There are many amazing concerts out there, but I think seeing Basix or Cadence will always make me feel good. I’m also looking forward to seeing groups which I haven’t seen yet and which can surprise me as well!