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Nicholas Thompson

When did you first become involved in a cappella? In what capacity?
I became involved in a cappella my freshman year of College at The Ohio State University's Marion branch campus.

When did you first become involved with CASA?

I joined as a personal account I think in 2006 or 2007.  After about 6 months being in the group at OSU Marion, I was just absorbing as much of the a cappella scene and community as possible and came across CASA.  In 2008 I took a full time job and became less active within the a cappella community but still read CASA and the RARB Forums.  In Spring of 2010 I contacted TeKay about becoming a CASA ambassador to see what all I could do just to help push the a cappella community.

What area do you cover as a CASA ambassador?

I believe I am now the sole Ohio ambassador. [ed note: Tone Siwela also represents Ohio]

What role do you play as a CASA ambassador and/or what role would you like to play?
In terms of what role I would like to play, I am open to whatever I can do to help the a cappella community grow. 

What do you do for work and play?

I am not sure if this answer will get published verbatim but will answer truthfully.
I work for both The Ohio State University and Internet2.  I am the Operations Manager for the the videoconferencing services provided by Internet2 (called the Internet2 Commons), and also act as a reference with technology around Videoconferecning. 

Also for fun (outside of work and the aca scene) I am venturing heavily into photography right now but also enjoy hiking and running.

Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn:
I am licensed to blow things up!  More precisely, I am licensed to shoot commercial fireworks.  All kinds of fun. 

Favorite a cappella group?
Pro or College?  It tends to shift on and off, but my favorite college is usually UI Xtension Chords. So many great college groups out there, but those guys always seem to entertain. Favorite pro group:  Lately my favorite has been Vocal Line out of Denmark.  My heart still sits with Rocapella since that is what I grew up loving, but venturing out I would say Vocal Line is my current favorite.

Favorite type of music?
Other than a cappella? :-)  This may come as a bit of a shock, but club and dance music.  I have a vast collection of tons of music and am always being opened up to new music but I love DJing and mixing and (good) dance music just has such a great positive energy. Always gets me pumped.

Favorite a cappella concert?
I want to say it was the evening concert of SingStrong's first summit in 2008.  It had such a great array of different artists perform that it was just awesome.

Anything you'd like the CASA readership to know about your area?
Not specifically right now.  However as soon as Sing Aca Ohio gets up, that will hopefully the news point for aca related happenings in Ohio.