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Diana Galeano

When did you first become involved in a cappella? In what capacity?

As a freshman in college, I was looking for a fun musical outlet so I auditioned & made it into the FSU all-female a cappella group, The AcaBelles. As a sophomore and junior I was an officer, which kept me really involved, but it wasn't until my senior year that I feel truly and wholly committed to the AcaBelles. I spent a great deal of time rehearsing and hanging out with the girls in the group and realized that the time I'd devoted in the group had impacted me greatly. Not only had I developed a love for women's music, I had found a great passion of mine: contemporary a cappella.

When did you first become involved with CASA?

While in the AcaBelles I would frequent the RARB forums to read about and listen to other collegiate groups in hopes of strengthening my "a cappella ear". In 2007 & 2008, I attended SoJam with The AcaBelles and loved the atmosphere of the conference, what it had to offer, and desired to be more involved. Presently as a chorus teacher and a contemporary a cappella enthusiast, I've felt it's my duty to stay connected with the a cappella world, thus my involvement.

What geographical area do you cover as a CASA ambassador?

I am the CASA Ambassador for the Sunshine State - Florida!

What role do you play as a CASA ambassador and/or what role would you like to play?

As a new member to CASA and the ambassador program, I would love to work by networking and connecting all groups in Florida, high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate alike. I'm a huge advocate for the arts and very passionate about contemporary a cappella and want to see groups from all over the state work together. It's amazing to see how much activity there has been in the contemporary a cappella realm in the past 5-10 years, especially in Florida. I have seen and heard many talented groups all over the state and believe it's our duty as musicians to spread the musical wealth.

What do you do for work and play?

I am a high school chorus teacher in Jacksonville! I teach 9-12 grade chorus as well as an after school gospel group and a co-ed a cappella group, VerSatility. I am also a member of Festival Singers of Florida, a post-collegiate choir based out of Orlando comprised mainly of other choral directors in the state of Florida. I love coffee, arranging, traveling, running, and shakin' my groove thang!

Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn

I don't like Oreos unless in a milkshake.

Favorite a cappella group?

This question is simply unfair. The AcaBelles, Reverb, and All-Night Yahtzee have got to be my favorite collegiate a cappella groups (being from FSU) but I also love Berklee Pitch Slapped, Reverse Osmosis, UPenn Off The Beat, The Bubs, UNC Clef Hangers, The Loreleis, The Cocktails, The Sapphires, etc. .

I'm also obviously currently in love with Sonos, Pentatonix, Delilah, and AfroBlue.

Favorite type of music?

Aside from a cappella, I love Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Janelle Monae, Manchester Orchestra, Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, David Guetta, Nate Compton, Muse, Barcelona, Keane, Copeland, Sara Bareilles, Death Cab For Cutie, PassionPit, classical music, and much more.

Favorite a cappella concert?

Fork & Firedrill! at SoJam 2008

Anything you'd like the CASA readership to know about your area?

Florida is bursting with incredible potential and thriving in a cappella. Watch out folks, I'm willing to bet money that this is the up-and-coming a cappella hub-state!