HomeLocal a capella group nabs second place on The Sing-Off China

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Homegrown a cappella group Micappella have come in second on Chinese television singing competition The Sing-Off China.

They lost the title of champions and a recording contract to Beijing’s Free Men.

As runners-up, Micappella received “a very heavy plaque with our name on it”, says Calin Wong, a member of the sextet.

The 26-year-old adds: “Well, the plaque is the tangible thing that we got. But what we really got in terms of experience and the exposure is not measurable.”

The results were announced last Saturday, when the final episode of the show – a spin-off of American TV competition The Sing-Off – was broadcast online and on Chinese TV.

The Singaporean team, which comprise four men and two women aged between 26 and 31, are “very proud” of their achievement even if they did not walk away as champions.

Goh Junyi, 26, one of the members, jokes to Life! that they “did even better than how the Singapore players did at the Olympics”, referring to two bronze medals that the Singaporean table tennis players received at the London Olympics this year.

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