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Is There Life After "The Sing-Off"?
A look at some of "The Sing-Off" groups from all three seasons and what they’re up to


BYU Noteworthy
The ensemble continues to be part of the landscape at Brigham Young University, though most of the members who were on “The Sing-Off” have graduated – several of the singers from Noteworthy went on to be part of season three’s Delilah. BYU Noteworthy released albums in 2009 and 2010. http://noteworthy9.com/

The guys continue to perform in and around their hometown area (Boulder, Colorado). http://www.facevocalband.com/

Maxx Factor
These four talented women are still touring the US, performing, coaching, and competing in a cappella contests, and will soon be performing internationally as well. In 2011, they became the Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions, and have recently released a second CD. They’ll be doing a show in Sacramento in June 2012, and in July they’ll be participating in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati, OH, both performing and acting as “Barbershop Ambassadors.” Says member Molly Dalton Plummer, “We hope to see a lot of old and new a cappella friends there! http://www.maxxfactorquartet.com/

The season one winners are touring internationally. They released their debut album and a Christmas album within a month of each other, and both hit the top of the iTunes charts. http://www.notavocal.com/

Group members are busy doing lots of performing, mostly individually, and several of them also became the basis for the Backbeats in season two. http://www.scvocals.com/

Several members of this young group were offered full college scholarships at Mississippi State. They’ve now formed a new a cappella group called Total Harmony In Sync (or “T.H.I.S. A Cappella) which is taking the world by storm, having done nearly 100 performances since they started singing together in August 2011. They’ve sung at the inauguration of the first female Choctaw Indian chief, and opened for the Temptations, among many other appearances. They’ve also formed a non-profit organization (check it out at www.THISMusic.org).

Tufts Beelzebubs
As an ongoing ensemble at Tufts University, the guys continue to do lots of performing and recording! http://bubs.com

Voices of Lee
Since the group was a continuing collegiate group at Lee University in Tennessee, many of the singers from the group that appeared on “The Sing-Off” became a new group called Voice Avenue so they could continue to sing together. They’ve released an album, and continue performing around the US. http://www.voicesoflee.com/


This electrifying ensemble has released their first album, and has been touring in the US. A little additional news came from member Catherine Ricafort, who received a call a couple of weeks after “The Sing-Off” season had ended inviting her to join the cast of Mamma Mia on Broadway – she moved to New York and started rehearsing the next day, and is still part of the cast (playing “Ali”) to this day. She’s also done an original Filipino musical interactive webseries called “Prison Dancer,” which was recently featured in the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival. Catherine will be performing in the live staged version of the musical this summer at the New York Musical Theater Festival. She still gets to sing with her beloved Backbeats now and then, and is working on putting a new group together in NYC. http://www.backbeatsvocal.com/

Winners of season two, Committed released their debut album last fall, and never looked back. They continue performing whenever possible, and recently appeared with Afro-Blue Vocal Band and the University of Rochester Yellowjackets. http://www.committedsings.com/

Eleventh Hour
As this is a high school group, members come and go, but they are very much in demand in their community and have recorded four CDs. http://www.fairmontchoirs.org/content.asp?id=122

Groove for Thought
Touring and performing in the US right now, and their latest album, “Inspired,” was released in January 2012. http://www.grooveforthought.com/

Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town
These charming gentlemen are still enjoying the attention that came after “The Sing-Off”, and continue to perform and delight audiences wherever they go. http://www.jerrylawsontalkofthetown.com/

Men of Note
The eight members of this group have continued on their individual paths, heading off to various colleges. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Men-of-Note/105654349488517

On the Rocks
The guys hit the ground running after “The Sing-Off”, traveling to Los Angeles, Berkeley, Arizona and Las Vegas last year and then to Illinois and Michigan this year to perform with several other collegiate groups from those locales. This tour also offered them the opportunity to open for Boyz II Men at the House of Blues in Chicago. Back home in Oregon, they have released a new 4-track EP featuring favorites from “The Sing-Off”, and they’re currently working on their 6th studio album, which they hope to release within the next few weeks. The group also competed before an enthusiastic crowd during the scholastic competition at the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival in January of this year. Though he has graduated from the University of Oregon, group director Peter Hollens is still at the helm, while also working on some projects of his own. Recently asked what he was working on these days, Hollens said simply, “I make videos.” http://www.uoontherocks.com/

Pitch Slapped
They hosted the ICCA Quarterfinal in Boston in February as the winners of the 2011 competition, they also won the scholastic competition at SoJam 2011. They released an EP earlier in 2011. http://www.pitchslappedacappella.com/

Street Corner Symphony
These season two standouts released their first album, and recently sang at Tony Romo’s wedding. Right now, they’re touring in the US and getting ready to make their second album. No doubt they’re doing a lot of “unpracticing” as well. http://streetcornersymphony.org/

Yale Whiffenpoofs
Being an ongoing and popular collegiate group, now in its 103rd year of existence, you’ll never see the same group from one year to the next, since it’s for seniors only. The current group is touring nationally and internationally (Antarctica, Argentina, and Brazil) in 2012. http://www.whiffenpoofs.com/


A scholastic group from Howard University, the members who competed on “The Sing-Off” have graduated but stayed together to form “Afro Blue Vocal Band.” They continue to perform primarily in the Washington, DC, area, and recently appeared with Committed and the University of Rochester Yellowjackets. http://www.afrobluehu.com/

BYU Vocal Point
The current crew is continuing to perform together this academic year in the nearby area, but auditions are being held for next year and the personnel may shift somewhat. http://www.byuvocalpoint.com/

Cat’s Pajamas
The guys recently began a lengthy run at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson, Missouri, and also performed aboard the Norwegian Spirit cruising in the Caribbean. http://vocalmeow.com/

The Collective
True to their origins as a collection of soloists who joined forces, individual members of the group are having “time to shine” moments. Perrin Lamb’s video of “Let it Linger” was featured on the TV series "One Tree Hill", and Ruby Amanfour tore it up with Jack White during his appearance on "Saturday Night Live" (Ruby’s touring with White all over the world). Daniel Ellsworth is touring the US with his band, The Great Lakes. David Jennings is working on a new full-length album. Says David, “Good things are happening to most of us!” http://www.thecollectivetn.com/

Dartmouth Aires
The group toured to Atlanta and Savannah, GA, earlier this year, and they have a busy schedule of performing on campus and for local events. http://www.dartmouthaires.com/

These fine ladies performed two shows in Rochester, New York, on 11 December 2011 in support of the University of Rochester Yellow Jackets' "United We Sing" project, along with Pentatonix. This spring, they traveled to Hong Kong to take part in the International A Cappella festival, and performed at the finals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella finals in New York City. They also joined forces with Ben Folds, Pentatonix, Dartmouth Aires, North Shore and the Dear Abbeys for the A Cappella Palooza festival in Boston. The group is working on an album with hopes to release it in summer 2012. Heard from Johanna Vinson that she has been participating and singing in many workshops and festivals, and doing masterclasses with a number of different groups around the US. She also performs with Musae, which, among all the rest of her activities, has kept her “on the road” every single week since the finale of “The Sing-Off”. http://www.facebook.com/DelilahSingOff

The University of Delaware group continues performing on campus and in the local area, and will undergo some personnel changes as the academic year comes to a close. http://www.deltones.com/

You’ll be glad to know that the Fannin Family is still a family (in case there was any doubt). Soon after their “Sing-Off” run, they discovered a performing niche in their nearby communities, doing shows at local high schools and donating half of the income to support the schools’ music programs. Understandably, the schools get very excited about promoting these performances and it gives the Fannins a chance to do what they love while raising money to support music programs in their community. Very much a “win/win” for everyone involved. http://fannineleven.com/

Kinfolk 9
Members of the group have been pursuing their own paths for the time being, putting group performance on hold for now. http://kinfolk9.com/

The guys from Lynn, MA, also known as North Shore have been performing like crazy since “The Sing-Off”. “It was definitely a life-changing experience,” says Guy Chiapponi. “The most important result of having been on “The Sing-Off” is that my personal standard of performance has jumped off the chart.” The group has been giving masterclasses at many colleges around New England which culminate in joint performances with the a cappella group(s) at the schools. North Shore opened for an appearance by Jay Leno in Hollywood, FL, recently, and performed with Delilah, Dartmouth Aires, Dear Abbeys, Pentatonix, and Ben Folds this spring. http://northshoreacappella.com/

Messiah’s Men
The singers are still together, still performing, still sharing their message. http://www.messiahsmen.com/

The season three winners have relocated to Los Angeles and are working on recording their first album. They’ve also released several YouTube videos and they have their own YouTube Channel. https://www.facebook.com/Pentatonix

They did some touring this winter, and have now settled in to work on an all-original new album, which they hope to release in summer 2012. http://www.sonosings.com

Soul’d Out
These talented high schoolers from Oregon are still singing together and performing in their local area, though there will be some personnel shifts when the next school year begins. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sould-Out/330785202208

University of Rochester Yellowjackets
They have a heavy performance schedule of performing in 2012, all over the northeastern corner of the US, including a recent appearance with Committed and Afro-Blue Vocal Band. http://www.jackets.org

Urban Method
Going strong and performing in their native Denver area, Urban Method have also traveled to New York City to perform at a corporate event, and “made the scene” at a Grammy party in Los Angeles. They released a music video of an original song called “Me and You” earlier this year, and are working on an EP for later release. Beatboxer Richard Steighner became part of a new group with several members of the University of Rochester Yellowjackets (among others) who joined up with the Tufts Beelzebubs and Delilah at the Hong Kong A Cappella Festival this spring. Richard also got to travel to Australia with another a cappella group, Plumbers of Rome, for the Perth International Arts Festival, sharing the stage with The Magnets, Coco’s Lunch, Suade, Iris, and a couple of local groups. http://www.urban-method.com/

About the writer:
Melinda L. Thomas was a piano performance major at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and at San Francisco State University.  She has been singing all her life as well, and has performed with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, Conservatory Opera Theatre, Sacred and Profane Chamber Chorus, and was a founding member of Voci women's chamber chorus.  She has also been a music director for many theatrical productions, including Godspell, Grease, Pippin, West Side Story, and Dracula: The Musical?  These days, she sings with an early music a cappella quintet called Harmonium. She is also a Northern California CASA Ambassador.