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Barbershop singing is all about harmony, with three voices following a lead singer to create powerful chords.

"It's a unique American musical tradition," said Frank Whitson, president of The Northshoremen barbershop chorus, which will perform its 64th annual concert Saturday at Beverly High School.

The concert will also feature North Shore Acappella, five singers from Greater Boston who were semifinalists last fall in NBC's "The Sing-Off," a televised competition between 16 a cappella groups.

"They're starting the second half of the concert," Whitson said. "They sing music primarily from the '50s and '60s."

If barbershop songs seem to recall a time when life was simpler, they also focus on romance in a way that never goes out of style, especially on Valentine's Day.

"We did over 50 singing Valentines this year," Whitson said. "We usually have two songs: 'The Story of the Rose (Heart of my Heart)' and 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart.'"

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