HomeKinsey Sicks launch ditzy White House bid in Theater J show

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Can dragapella save a presidential campaign that suddenly seems to be hitting the skids, entertainment-wise?

The Kinsey Sicks hope so. The Sicks are four men in red-white-and-blue drag, a “beauty-shop” quartet singing a cappella parodies. Their new show at Theater J, “Electile Dysfunction: The Kinsey Sicks for President!”, is a mock political rally pushing the red-meat buttons of the right as this frisky foursome tries to become the first corporation to win the White House.

   “I’ll defend ya/ From Kenya/ Through the millennia,” the Kinseys sing, with the backup harmonies goofily emphasizing that they are “Not from Kenya/ Not from Kenya.” Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Modern Major General’s Song” from “The Pirates of Penzance” gets rendered as “I am the very model of a moderate Republican,” even though the Sicks gradually agree that “The ‘moderate’ in ‘moderate Republican’ is silent, like the ‘p’ in ‘psoriasis.’ ”Read the rest