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In a fit of nostalgia, I went to the CAN archive and opened up one from before CASA's official start date. Below are the the posts from the CLASSIFIEDS section (phone numbers removed, just in case) of the December 1990 edition of the CAN.


NH Gents are still looking for a female group for their Spring Show.What the hell? Doesn't anybody want to go north for the winter? Call Jeff

Look, if you're coming to Boston, call the Bubs. We have a solid willingness to party. It's really that simple. No purchase nessessary. Must be 18 or older to play. 

WANTED! A CAPPELLA RECORDINGS: Contact Danny. Collegiate recording library being assembled for everyone's use free of charge. Studio, live recordings, concerts, videos... 

FREE ARRANGEMENTS ! ! ! All voice parts, all styles, two choices: Rex Solomon's A Cappella Arrangement Library - trade with some of the best, or the Beelzebubs Arrangement Library - Hundreds of songs, sung by some of the best -Penn Six 5000, Duke Pitch-forks, UNC Clef hangers 

PREPARE for a new, full time professional a cappella group forming post graduation 1991 in San Francisco. All inter-ested voices - male & female -considered. Info - call the CAN Hotline

The SUNY Binghamton Harpur Harpeggios "A Cappella A-peel" Cassette $5 Call Jeana PO Box 2000 Binghamton, NY 13901 

Attention CO-ED groups -Dartmouth Dodecaphonics will be hosting a competi-tion for co-ed groups May 4 & 5, 1991. Interested? call David or write HB 5028 Dartmouth College, Hanover NH, 03755 

Happy Hour, the latest release from the New Hampshire Gentlemen featuring: Brown Eyed Girl, Walk of Life, Still the One, & Mighty Mouse send $7.00 for a cassette to:PO Box 330 Durham NH 03824.

Summer '90 Christian a cappella group formingin NY. call Hank

ATTENTION ALL HUNGRY A CAPPELLA GROUPS -Need refreshments for that weekend road trip? Munchies for the van? Call Tara Guthrie's Brownie Bakery. "Great Brown-ies that keep you running strong!" 

Look for the upcoming U of Maryland Generics album soon to be released... 


SHANA LEVY OF CALIF. GOLDEN OVERTONES: I'll remember your voice, in the still of the night, against the shadows of fright. - The Great Golden Bear 

GOLDEN BLUES: We Can't wait to sing with you guys. For that matter, we can't wait to party with you, either. See you April 26th! - the F & M Decibelles 

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I have it the Schloem is alive and well and living in Shaker Rights, Ohio. Because I care too. - Hans Freiderman 

YOUNG: Congrats on the Chimes!! Always remember to sing for Him!!! - Hank 

JULIE RAE &VOCAL POINT Long time no see! My apt. still smells like Cher! We must get together soon - REALLY!! -Love, Brannon & the UNC Clef Hangers 

UVM TOPCATS: We still can't believe you served us break-fast in bed! Thanks for the jacks and the flap jacks -Jackson Jills 

EXTREME KEYS: From now on, no road trip will be complete without a Merengue band at 2:30 am. Thanks for the beer-mallow-yuke! - Bubs