Home Kay Cannon, 'Pitch Perfect' Writer, On A Cappella, Diddle Jams & 'A League Of Their Own'

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That movie your friends are going to quote for the next year? It's called "Pitch Perfect," the brand new comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson that does for the a cappella world what "Bring It On" did for cheerleading.

Filled with hysterical one-liners about everything from Sisqo to Rick Dees to "Star Wars," the tone of "Pitch Perfect" recalls not just "Bring It On," but "Mean Girls." That might not be a complete accident: Screenwriter Kay Cannon, a Second City-trained improv comic and Upright Citizens Brigade veteran, worked as a producer and writer on "30 Rock" alongside Tina Fey. The hilarious Cannon -- who currently writes for "New Girl" and recently sold a pitch to Fox that's described as "'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' set in the offices of an 'NFL Sunday'-type show" -- spoke with HuffPost Entertainment about what "Pitch Perfect" owes to "A League of Their Own," why being funny trumped gender politics and which song she considers her very own "diddle jam."

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