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From the stadium lights to the stage lights, the members of the Jockapellas are team players who demonstrate commitment and passion both on and off the field. The Jockapellas, approved by the Undergraduate Council of Students as a Category I group last year, is an a cappella group made up of student-athletes. 

Three members of the football team — Brad Herzlich '14, Jeffrey Izon '13 and Ade Oyalowo '14, founded the Jockapellas. Izon had considered joining pre-existing a cappella groups, but balancing the commitment around his football practice schedule was unfeasible, he said. "A cappella is a commitment of its own that wouldn't coincide well with playing a sport," he said. 

But the solution to Izon's dilemma took shape during football preseason last fall. Izon and Oyalowo had been childhood friends, and when they met Herzlich at training camp, the three became quick friends and soon forged a musical bond. 

"On picture day we were sitting around waiting for our pictures to get taken, and someone started singing ‘A Whole New World' from Aladdin," Herzlich recalled. After this impromptu song, Izon posed his idea for an all-athlete a cappella group to Oyalowo and Herzlich. The group would cater to the demanding schedules of athletes. The trio was determined to showcase their hidden talent in a different arena — the musical stage.

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