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Today I'm in a bad mood. Not because I've been sick with a throat infection and bed-ridden for 3 days and not being able to sing (though that alone is a reason for displeasure) but because I just read the terms and conditions of one of the biggest A Cappella contest in the world: The International A Cappella Contest Leipzig. Like so many other Vocal Contests, there must be a minimum of 3 members to be able to take part to it. Leaving behind a whole range of solo performers like me: all the loop pedalists and all the Bobby McFerrin's (I say that cos I know no other artist like him yet).

And that enrages me! Is that to say that loop-pedalists don't deserve any recognition because we're not a vocal group? That we don't belong to the A Cappella world too? I've just done an entire album with my own voice called The A Cappella Sessions. I worked 3/4/5/10/20 (divide it by the number of members in a vocal group) times as much as any single member of an A Cappella Vocal group. I composed, wrote the lyrics, the arrangements, did almost all of the recording myself or with the help of an engineer, managed the whole mixing, mastering, production process and staged on my own a show with my loop pedal. AND if that's not enough I've done all the vocals: the bass, the soprano, the tenor, the baryton, the alto (which is my normal voice) the beatboxer or I'd rather say vocal percussionist because I don't consider myself a beatboxer. I'm sorry but I just don't get it. I worked so hard at it and seeing that all the doors to these competitions which are one of the only ways in the A Cappella world to showcase your talent and open the doors of other festivals are closed is just totally unfair to me.

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