HomeHitting All the Right Notes: On Set with the Cast of Pitch Perfect

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Walk the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, and you can barely find a block where a street musician isn’t belting out some jazzy tune on his trumpet or clarinet.

But an entirely different kind of music scene was playing out just 80 miles north in Baton Rouge last October. Here, on the 132-year-old campus of Southern University, a troupe of talented actors and vocalists assembled to film Pitch Perfect, the definitive comedy film on the subject of “a cappella,” the art of singing without instrumental back-up.

In the movie, the recently disgraced, all-girl collegiate a cappella group known as the Barton University Bellas is forever changed when rebellious and aloof outsider Beca (Anna Kendrick) joins the team and tries to shake things up with some fresh sounds and edgy remixes.

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