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How do four voices turn into 40?

With some ingenuity and a little help from technology, Melbourne-based a cappella group Suade have developed a technique to sound like a choir of 40 voices, even though they have just four guys in the group.

They bring their show - complete with covers of popular K-pop songs - to the University Cultural Centre this Sunday for the AKA A Cappella VII festival, which started its run last weekend.

Local group SMU Voix, from Singapore Management University, will open for Suade.

Over the phone from his home in Melbourne, Suade member Loz Blain, 35, told The New Paper that the idea for VocalTronics came about after member Sava Djukic left the band last year.

"It really galvanised us into action," said Blain.

The group is rounded out by Blain's brother Chris and two other members, Luke Stevenson and Rob Latham.

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