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In the excitement of offering quartet scholarships, inviting educators and Next Gen / YWIH students, we forgot to mention that good old Harmony College, the classic education offering for Joe Barbershopper, is still running strong!

Put this on your barbershop bucket list. Harmony College means you can enjoy the full spectrum of courses. The members of the faculty are today’s legends that we will be talking about tomorrow. Harmony College classes are enlightening, engaging, and fun, and the extra curricular activities, the late night tagging, and all the ice cream you can eat will make you long for more hours in the day.

  • Sing all the tags you want, whether in a formal classroom setting, or informally in the “tag temple”
  • Learn about the History of Barbershop from one of the Society’s best historians.
  • Multiple class options to get you singing! You don’t come to Harmony College to sit and listen to lectures…you come to sing!
  • Electives offered twice a day!
  • Every morning learn more about your craft in the General Sessions
  • On Friday, watch the parade of quartets and cheer on your favorites
  • On Saturday, go into Nashville and join your classmates in DOING, not watching!
  • On Saturday night, enjoy the show of all shows

Register now — tuition bumps up April 1 (no foolin’!)