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Last year was all about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… even here at Harmony Hall! Barbershoppers all over the world participated in this fun (and freezing) charity drive.

The guys in Orlando Exchange decided to come up with their own version of fundraising, challenging barbershoppers to do what they do best… SING. With the goal of raising funds for Harmony Foundation, the quartet made a video of their tag and challenged 3 groups to record their own tag and donate $50 within a week. No tag? Well, that’s a cool $100 to HF and everlasting shame on the internet.

As the #HFtagchallenge spreads, we’re seeing all sorts of great tag singing (and donations!) from quartets and choruses. Some chapters (we’re looking at you, Masters of Harmony) are adding a pass-the-hat challenge to sweeten the pot or are already making regular contributions and used the tag challenge to raise a bit extra. Whatever the amount, Harmony Foundation has no trouble putting these funds to work! Learn more here.

When the challenge comes to YOU, remember to share it to our Facebook group here to receive your moment of internet fame.

And now… TAGS: