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On February 2nd, at the initiative of Program VP, Don Spero, the Singing Capital Chorus of the District of Columbia Chapter held a joint rehearsal with the Dukes of Ellington, fourteen young men from the Ellington School of Music, an elite public charter high school in Washington, D.C.  Admission to the high school is by audition only.
The groundhog in the photo is an honorary member of the Singing Capital Chorus.  He came to the event as it was Groundhog Day and shadowed the group from beginning to end.  With him were the Dukes’s youngest member, Dante, aged 13, who sang like an inferno, and the chorus’s most senior member, Fred Peters, 97 years young and the sweetest lead singer this side of heaven.

It was an exciting event and is part of the chapter’s outreach to the DC community.  It exposed each group to the other’s repertoire and style of singing.   Director, Bill Colosimo, and Associate Director, Sheryl Berlin, and the Duke’s Director, Steven Allen, led the groups in separate and combined singing.  Needless to say, they learned much and came away with a commitment to explore similar opportunities in the future.  Song erased the decades and linked the young and old together.

Submitted by Mid-Atlantic District Storyteller, Steve Skolnick    Edited by Martin Banks

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