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Sit in the REAL best seat in the house!

Most Barbershoppers think they can score contests as well as the judges. Now you can prove it – from the vantage point of the judging area itself!

Harmony Foundation and the Contest & Judging program are teaming up to auction off a single seat at each & every contest session! So if you’ve ever wanted to test out your judging chops, you can bid on a seat at the grown-ups table and be a “Judge for a Day.” Bidding is open now for Pittsburgh, at www.bestseat.org.

Funds received go to Harmony Foundation International to help defray the expenses for such efforts as the Collegiate Quartet Contest, Youth Chorus Festival, Youth Harmony Workshops, Harmony Explosion Camps, and Harmony University Scholarships for Music Educators.

 What do you get?

  1. A guest judge name tag and complete set of scoring forms for your selected judging category.
  2. Following the convention, a chart showing your scores compared to the official panel members in your selected judging category.
  3. An invitation to join the official panel at all meals and snacks at intermissions associated with your selected contest session.
  4. The chance to sit in and observe the evaluations sessions after the contest.

And more

Sign up NOW — only 14 days left to make your bid!