HomeForty Years ago, the Battle Creek A Cappella Choir united the community

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Back in 1973, long before the unification of the City of Battle Creek and Battle Creek Township or the creation of the unified 911 emergency call system in Calhoun County, members of the Battle Creek Central High School's A Cappella Choir brought the community together in an effort to send them on a three week tour as 'Ambassadors of Friendship' to Romania, a country behind the Iron Curtain.

"Back in the 1960's and 70's, it was difficult to get the separate municipal governments in Battle Creek to work together", said Kurt Thornton, a member of the choir. "Even though we were students at Battle Creek Central, we made an effort to identify ourselves as the 'community's choir'...a group of high school youths that would represent our whole area."

Thornton went on to say, "We tried to identify ourselves as the 'Battle Creek A Cappella Choir'. Not only did we need to raise money for our trip, but we wanted to try to bring the community together to support us. Actually, our first official choir event of my senior year in high school, was singing at a memorial service for the victims of the terrorist attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics, that was held at the Jewish Temple Beth El here in Battle Creek...it was like, our school year started out with an effort to bring people together."

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