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In May, NBC canceled its televised vocal competition show "The Sing-Off" after three seasons. The spirit of the show, however, is about to get a new lease on life at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. That's because a handful of industrious former and current members of Brigham Young University men's a cappella ensemble Vocal Point, which competed on "The Sing-Off" last year, are starting up a vocal instruction camp to pass along some of the lessons they learned during their brief bout of TV stardom.

"Each week on the show was kind of an a cappella boot camp," said Vocal Point alum and recent BYU graduate McKay Crockett. "We feel like that fast-paced, really intensive and fun environment was something that helped us to learn a lot and grow."

Crockett, 25, and five other guys have formed an all-new a cappella ensemble, ReMix, and ReMix is hosting a six-day camp this week at the Covey Center, ReMix Vocal Academy. The camp is for aspiring vocalists ages 15-25, who are coming to RVA from Utah and several other states. "We want to give these kids some real-life experience," Crockett said.

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