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Sorry for the silence of the last few weeks, as I made a tough decision -- to resign from my duties as Ambassador for SoCal CASA. It's been fun getting to know about your doings in the a cappella world, but the time has come for me to move into volunteering in other realms. (I've resigned from my conducting duties at Windward School, and am in grad school, retooling for a Second Act career in reading and literacy.)

My successor, Joel Levitz, has done a fabulous job creating an a cappella calendar over the last few years, and has personal contact with many of you. He'll be doing an email newsletter, and has taken over the email list. Tom Keyes set up a Facebook page aimed at So Cal A Cappella also, so there will be plenty of chances to learn about one anothers' gigs and CD release parties, etc.

From now on, please send your submissions to ambassador@socalcasa.info
The Facebook page is: SoCal A Cappella Network. It's an open group, growing fast!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the newsletter over the last five years --- and to those of you fans and a cappella die-hards! It's been a pleasure serving you, and the music!

Betsy Hanger
Southern California CASA Ambassador