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WESTON — Do you love the sound of a cappella voices blending effortlessly to produce an amazing sound? Me too! If you’re an “aca-fan” like me, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear the male voices of Weston High School’s Town Criers when they perform with the Washington University Stereotypes on Friday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. at First Parish Church in Weston.

Based in St. Louis, Mo., the award-winning all-male Washington University Stereotypes has been presenting its brand of performance and song to sold-out audiences since 2001. Their sound is contemporary, and they dabble in punk, rap, emo and other experimental genres to mix it up.

Comprised of 16 varied voices, all types of “stereotypes” can be found among the group. The jock, the nerd, the prep, and more are represented by this diverse collection of hunks who put a positive spin on the term, leading you to believe that “stereotyping” might not be so bad after all.

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