HomeEdinburgh Festival Fringe: Scrubs stars The Blanks shoot from the hip

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YOU may recognise them from a guest stint in the hit US show Cougar Town – when they jumped into bed with former Friends star Courtney Cox.

More likely, you will know them as the a cappella band who made frequent appearances in the medical sitcom Scrubs, led by regular character Ted Buckland.

Now California barbershop quartet The Blanks are taking the Fringe by storm.

“We’re having a ball in Edinburgh,” says singer Sam Lloyd, who played Buckland in eight seasons of Scrubs. “It’s our first time at the Fringe and it’s everything people said it would be.

“It’s pretty unique, this Fringe of yours, and you’d need to be a pretty strange person not to enjoy what’s going on here. It’s amazing and it’s definitely exceeded my expectations.

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