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Dropping the beat. I can’t call Rachel Chalhoub a singer, although she can sing. And I can’t call her a drummer, although her rhythms rival those of any drumset player. What I can call Rachel is a beat master. She just happens to create them with her mouth. Some would call her a Beatboxer, but the definition would not do her justice. Rachel wields looping and effects pedals in a way any guitarist would, and drops vocal lines like a master turntablist. Making her mark in acapella music, Standing at 5’7” tall (taller with the shark heels she sometimes wears) the Lebanese musician and budding acapella legend isn’t what you would expect from someone who stands poised to continue the lineage of beatboxing legends like Biz Markie and Doug E Fresh. But your expectations change as soon as she drops her beats!

We were curious so we caught up with Rachel between producing the video for Inside Acappella, and recording in NYC with her group Executive Board, to hear her story.

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