HomeCrosbys to flaunt their manhood at ‘Penis Dialogues’

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The Binghamton Crosbys aren’t much for subtlety. Posters for their upcoming show, “The Penis Dialogues,” depict two large cartoon penises, but pushing boundaries is just their way of operating.

Binghamton University’s only all-male a cappella group will put on their annual spring concert at 8 p.m. Saturday in the Watters Theater in the Fine Arts Building.

Music fans attending “The Penis Dialogues” will have the opportunity to hear a cappella renditions of popular songs by The Talking Heads and other well-known artists ranging from Avicii to The Who.

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The Crosbys sing outside the Fine Arts Building midday Wednesday to promote their upcoming show.

Choosing racy names for their concerts is a long-standing Crosbys tradition, according to Jeremy Ecock, a graduate student studying mechanical engineering. Past titles include “Planet Girth,” “Climax 3D,” “Our Stimulating Package” and “Red, White and Beer.”

“The title almost never has anything to do with how we structure our show,” Ecock said. “And with ‘The Penis Dialogues,’ there’s nothing really relevant with that either.”

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