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If you’ve ever been asked who’s your daddy and weren’t sure, I am here to help you respond; in the a cappella world, at least, Who’s Your Daddy! refers to Freddy Curci, Rick Neigher, Adam Gorgoni, and Chris Cote. These four singing daddies find an amazing amount of joy crooning for anyone willing to lend them an ear and listeners are never displeased. Rick Neigher was nice enough to give me some time to talk (with fondness) about this Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) group.

A lot of what you are able to do in show business comes from who you know. With WYD, it's more about knowing themselves, as each member is blessed with his own music/show business experience and connections. Freddy (aka Mac Daddy), along with holding the Guiness Book of World Records record for longest note held in a pop song, may be known to former hair band audiences as a member of the groups Sheriff and Alias with sick vocals on such power ballads as "More Than Words Can Say" and "When I'm With You." Along with being a fine spokesman for the group, Rick (aka Funk Daddy), too, has had his fair share of music business as a song writer and record producer working with some heavy hitters in the industry including Prince and John Mellencamp. Adam (aka Sugar Daddy), who frequently contributes to arranging, along with the rest of the fellas, is a professional Film and Television composer. And Chris (aka Big Daddy) lends a fine bass and is no stranger to the performing industry singing songs for television (with Rick) and having acted in commercials and guest spots in shows like "Dynasty" and "Magnum P.I." Chris now is VP for a London-based internet ad company. So to say these guys have some experience is a serious understatement.

Two things they all have in common: a love for music/singing and they are all fathers, hence the moniker Who's Your Daddy! Although the name could have some other connotations, it is truly meant to echo their on stage self-deprecating, cocky, fatherly act. On how the group came to be, Rick recollects, "one day I was driving home and the Beach Boy's song 'In My Room' came on the radio and I knew that's what I needed to be doing." He called up his buddy Chris and talked about starting up a barbershop quartet. After acquiring Adam and Freddy, what formed was very aggressive, 60's, 70's, 80's a cappella quartet with a rock edge with a lot of clapping and stomping. "Our sound is aggressive, stompin', heavy wall of amps in a voice box." When asked how a 4 man group makes such a full sound when most groups nowadays are 6 members or more, his response, "it's hard, but [when arranging] we make sure to define the critical notes and we are able to arrange songs in a frugal yet powerful way. We will dissect a song to find the parts, find the hook, and represent it in a mosaic style. Our arranging is a joint effort; we are all musicians and we respect each other's musical chops."

WYD truly knows how to rehearse right--with lots of laughter! With rehearsals about 2-3 times a week for a couple hours each session, laughter is an important component to their  work and making of music. When most dads might be out playing poker or playing golf, these four papas are playing music, a cappella style. "It's all about a contagious, fun approach to this," Rick says. "We try to find surprise songs not typically done by a cappella groups." And when the sideways glances come from their a cappella arrangement of Prince's "When Doves Cry" they feel they are reaching this goal. Although I think the sideways glance might be a little, "how did they do that?"

Gigging come at about 2-3 times a month at LA venues like Genghis Cohen's, among others. As with any a cappella group, more would be desired. But that doesn't stop them from creating their own venues singing in public at grocery stores and other places stopping people in their tracks and engaging them to catch a tune or two from this "Stomp meets Hair" group.

Currently, one self-titled album can be found on iTunes (among other places). A recently released single of "Strawberry Fields Forever" with all the proceeds of the single going to the Big Brother Big Sisters can also be found on the iTunes store. The future holds an audition for the next “Sing-Off” and various engagements at summer fairs and local LA clubs. " We'd like to take this as far as we can or as far as it will go. We know people to help get the exposure, geographically we are good, and who knows, we wouldn't mind doing a gig in Las Vegas. Maybe someday we can pair up with the group Where's Your Mommy." If they only existed...

What can we learn from a group like Who's Your Daddy!? Many things. For starters, it's never too late. With busy careers and families to take care of, these four still seem to make it happen. Laughter is the key; if you’re not having fun, why do it? Know who you are; these four are very clear about who they are individually and as a group and it shows in their recordings and on stage. Who's Your Daddy? Now you know.

But for more info on Who's Your Daddy! check out: www.whosyourdaddymusic.com

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José “Chach” Snook grew up in Napa, CA and has performed in 44 states and 13 countries. For 10 years, Chach lived in NYC as a professional singer/actor and appeared in many shows including Forever Plaid and Altar Boyz (pre-Off-Broadway reading). Chach has been singing a cappella since his freshman year of high school and was last seen as a member of the NY-based, jazz a cappella group Pieces of 8. With Pof8 he recorded 2 albums and was featured on United Airlines’ in-flight music. Chach has a Vocal Performance degree from Northern Arizona University and currently teaches choir and theatre in Tucson, AZ where he lives with his wife and 2 children.